Your best defence in the online world is to have a strong password


ntrofi should be used  in all workplaces and incorporated into staff training

Paul Farquhar
Practice Manager
GW Scott & Associates, Chartered Accountants


Only a password stands between your private information and those who want it.

Now there's an easy way to create passwords that you're guaranteed to remember, but which will provide the highest level of online protection.

It's called ntrofi (en-tro-fee) 

With ntrofi's password creation tool, you'll get more than a failsafe method of creating meaningful, secure passwords that only you'll remember.

You'll also be able to record your site and username combinations with a 'cue' that helps you remember the password - without ever writing it down.

Frustrating password recovery processes and weak passwords are a thing of the past with ntrofi.

Make your online life easier and safer.

FREE ntrofi iPhone App available at the App Store. 

And now also for Android phones from Google Play. 

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Defend yourself, family and business from online hackers, bullies and identity thieves with ntrofi.

ntrofi passwords are:

ntrofi, the password creation tool

  1. Unique - unlike any other password you may use, or anyone else may create
  2. Memorable - You'll never have to click the “forgot your password” link again! ntrofi has been tested in a controlled, scientific environment. Passwords created using this system can be accurately recalled over a long period of time.
  3. Secure - ntrofi passwords appear totally random and contain at least 10 characters including numbers, letters and special characters (if allowed by the host site).


A password using complete words & numbers can be cracked within seconds. A unique and memorable ntrofi password, 10 characters long, will take at least 30 years to crack!